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Mobile APP

Provide ease of making cab booking to users. It caters different needs of corporate like special mandatory requirements, provision to create bookings for employees as well as company guests.

One can book and track a cab on duty. Maps from MapmyIndia helps in enhancing the user experience which in turn will help in increasing business.

Customer Portal

A mobile friendly customer portal is as good as mobile app and thus is quite use full to users for booking a cab online using any device like PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

User can also download duty slips and invoices for his/her usage.

Driver APP

A well tested and easy to use mobile app which helps in distributing bookings to drivers without coming to garage.

Features like customer signature, image capture of parking slips, provision to enter feedback and next day requirements helps in achieving paper less duty slip environment.

GPS technology helps in quick billing, better fleet utilization with control on KMs.

Admin Console

Apart from master data management, back office team can track a vehicle on line. He can monitor the status of every duty. Our alerts and alarms help him taking a proactive approach instead of reactive approach.

why choose us

We are a company funded as well as nurtured by MapmyIndia with its vast experience in GPS, tracking and Mobile app technology, which is key to this solution suite. Our Promoters having experience in Car Rental and GPS technology, understand your business needs better than anybody else. Option to integrate with your existing software will help you in advancing your technology within short time and money. You get all missing technology components like Booking Mobile App, Driver App etc. with no need to change your existing software and working style. SAAS-based, pay per use option further helps in keeping the cost very low.

B2B Booking APP

Allows you to configure order booking engine as per customer need.

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Driver APP

You can track status all your cars like On Duty, Available, Current Location etc. Drivers find it very easy to use

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Network Platform

This platform helps in connecting car rental companies for outsourcing needs on PAN India basis.

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Fleet Management

If you are looking for a solution to manage your fleet then this is it for you.

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